Emily Torres

The Story Of My Night:

I’ve waited almost 4 years to see Bruno and his bands perform Live, And let me tell you, definitely worth the wait.

The show was absolutely incredible.

Bruno blew me away. I expected a great show, and I got an incredible one!

He sang his heart out and my heart broke when he got all sentimental with WIWYM. I danced like no one was watching and i knew every lyric and I made sure the people around me knew that!ahha

When he sang JTWYA, he came over to where I was and while he was singing he pointed to me, smiled, and totally remembered me :) He also came and grab my friends hands before going back up to center stage to end the song. I was so happy….

When they came out with the fireworks and the loud bangs for Gorilla it totally scared me but i banged on my chest man! haha I totally got into it!

 After the show, I snuck back into the arena to see if I could meet up with someone cause i got Bruno a present.[ I gave him one of MY own merch shirts with a scrapbook of us on Ellen and a little letter asking him to believe in me musically. I also got him a magnet with his mamas face on it :) ]

So it all worked out and I gave the package to Ryan and made him pinky promise that he’ll give it to Bruno and he did. & I also shook Preesh’s hand. 

One of my biggest goals of the night was to meet Phil and I did! I told him about the support I have and my own fanbase and he said “wow ya Little Star! get use to it”

I promised him one day that i’d share a stage with all them, That we’d perform together somewhere and he smiled and asked me my name and he hugged me and said ” I wont ever forget it”. 

I can’t tell you guys how much that night met me. I try to stray away from the word “Idol" but i do look up to all of them from one Musician to the next. They are forever a part of my memories, and I PROMISE you, yes YOU reading this, I will share a stage with the greatest musicians in the world.

Bruno Mars, and The Hooligans

Thanks again guys who helped share the video, supported me through all this, and watched me achieve my dreams. I love all of you and i will never EVER take it for granted.

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